1    Trains have a train wash
2    Chard is a very sexual vegetable
3    Ten seconds is too long for a blink - you're probably asleep
4    Sometimes you need a broth
5    Pockets are useful
6    Meetings should be very natural
7    Flat surfaces!!
8    Anti-social hours are our friend
9    Be careful when ordering a margarita in Italy
10  Banter is a bad word
11  No wasted time
12  Check yourself
13  Pastry and reflection time is key to any project
14  No slugs
15  You are a healthy human being, get out there and do something!
16  Bob Marley is well fit
17  Don't use pounds instead of ounces when baking
18  "Beauty is nothing more than the promise of happiness" - Stendhal
19  Don't spit when laughing
20  Timing is important
21   We love a cone
22   Tej projects are for all people
23   When you sit alone every night, you need to have candles
24    A wide face and a bob are not a very attractive combination for a man
25   We're all ok
26 Compatibility questions: Do you want to go into space? How do you feel about Central YMCA?